April 18th to 9th May, 2010
Maneyapanda Twenty 10 Teams

Last year, the tournament saw more than 200 teams vying for glory with a total of 200 matches being played over 2 weeks. Each family plays in its colors and the competitive spirit is fierce, to say the least! The popularity of the tournament has grown every year and 214 teams have registered for this year's tournament at Ponnampet, a major sports hub of Kodagu. To download the complete list of teams for this year's tournament, please click here.

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Achappanda Addengada Adengada Ajjamada Alamengada
Alemada Allanda Allapanda Ammanda Ammanichanda
Anjaparavanda Annira Appachetolanda Appachira Appanderanda
Appaneravanda Aramanamada Areyada Avaremadanda
Bacharaniyanda Bachinadanda Badumanda Baduvanda Baleyada
Ballachanda Ballimada Balliyamederira Bariyanda Bayavanda
Bepadiyanda Berera Biddanda Biddatanda Bolacaranda
Boliyadira Bollachanda Bollandanda Bollarapanda Bollera
Bottangada Bottolanda Boveriyanda Butianda
Chandura Changulanda Charimanda Charumandanda Cheeranda
Cheeyakapoovanda Chekkera Chenanda Chendanda Chendira
Cheppudira Cheranda Cheriyanda Chettangada Cheyanda
Chindamada Chiriapanda Chokanda Chotteyandamada Chowrira
Choyamadanda Codanda
Dasanda Deyanda
Ittira Iychetira Iynanda
Kabbachira Kademada Kadiyamada Kalenganda Kalimada
Kaliyanda Kallangada Kallichanda Kallumadanda Kambeyada
Kambiranda Kanathanda Kandanda Kandera Kanjithanda
Kannanda Karineravanda Karthamada Kattera Kavadichanda
Kayapanda Kechamada Kechettira Kekada Kelettira
Keriamada Ketolira Kodangada Kokkanda Kolera
Kollimada Kollira (Kalathmad) Kondira Konerira Konganda
Kongettira Koopadira Koothanda Koravanda Kotiera
Kottangada Kuimanda Kukkera Kullachanda Kullattira
Kullettira Kundira Kundranda Kundyolanda Kuppanda
Machamada Machangada Macharanda Machimada Machimanda
Madanda Madrira Malachira Maletira Maletira
Mallamada Mallengada Mandangada Mandepanda Mandera
Mandetira Mandeyanda Mandira Maneyapanda Manipanda
Mapanamada Mapangada Marchanda Maruvanda Mathranda
Meederira Mekerira Meriyanda Mevada Moodera
Mookachanda Mookalamada Mookalera Mookonda Moovera
Muddiyada Mukkatira Mukkatira (Harihara) Mukkatira (Bethri) Mukkatira (Bonda)
Mundiyolanda Mundotira Muruvanda
Naganda Naliyanda Nambiapanda Nambudumada Namera
Nandineravanda Natolanda Nayakanda Nellamakkada Nellira
Palandira Palanganda Palecanda Palengada Pandanda
Pandiyanda Pandyanda Paradanda Paruvangada Pasura
Patrapanda Pattada Pemmanda Ponnachettira Porangada
Puchimada Pudiyokkada Puliyanda Putharira Puttichanda
Sannuvanda Shantheyanda Shivachaliyanda Somayanda Sullimada
Thadiyangada Thambukuthira Thathanda Theethamada Theetharamada
Theethimada Thodiyanda
Uddapanda Udiyanda Ulliyada